Chorus Assessment is this Saturday, March 23rd.  Parents and families are welcome to attend. This year’s assessment takes place at TC Williams High School – 3330 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302.

This is the schedule for the day:

7:15 am — Students report to the chorus room; change in to uniforms

8:00 am — buses depart Justice HS, all students must ride the bus to TC Williams HS.  (Only drama students and athletes who make prior parental arrangements through Dr. Steffey may depart early from TC Williams HS — must have required field trip/driver permission forms.)

9:00 am — Chamber Choir warm up / perform

10:40 am — Combined Treble Choirs warm up / perform

11:40 am — All students eat lunch.  Students should bring their own food.  Volunteers can sign up below to bring snacks and there may be some limited snacks available for purchase, but everyone should make arrangements for lunch.

12:40 pm — Combined choirs (EVERYONE) warm up / perform

2:20 pm — Basso Chorus warm up / perform

3:30 pm — Buses depart TC Williams HS

4:00 pm (est) — Buses arrive at Justice HS / all students turn in concert uniform